Jon de Montreville

Jon de Montreville - Joel Ray Salon

Jon D has been doing hair professionally since the early 90’s. He attended cosmetology school in Dallas. During his schooling he also sought outside education in the field to be sure and come into the game with current cutting edge information.  After graduating he took a position as a Chemical Technician at Amici Salon in Addison.  It was during his time of chemical work that he realized his true passion for cutting hair. With no chance to cut at Amici he explored a few other salons until he found home at Looker Hairgroup. Looker was a place where his juices of creativity were allowed to blossom. There he worked directly with the owner, Chip Wood, who held the title of National Artistic Director for Trevor Sorbie.  Jon assisted in hair shows, attended on going education classes and accelerated his creative growth through fashion shows, benefits and on stage performances After 5 years of hair in Dallas he knew the time was near to move on.

Brand new in Austin he was immediately drawn to and employed by one of Austin’s top salons.  Inside of three months he had moved through their basic training program and began working on becoming a salon educator.  He met his goal and taught basic training for two years.  After that he created an intermediate program and taught for another year leaving behind his work to be used by others to come. Jon’s dedication to personal growth inspired him to study a many and varied other things such as photography, Spanish, culinary arts (Macrobiotics), Shiatsu and Ti Chi. He also received numerous awards of recognition and excellence during his 9 year stint at Avant. From there he moved on to Method Hair a Wonderful new Salon in Austin’s up and coming East Side with a talented group of peers. They quickly began doing stage work for some great local shows like Stitch, Ducatti, Karma and many more.  While at Method he sold a rental property he had. The whole process gave inspiration to attend school once again, this time for Real Estate; Jon is now an active Realtor who enjoys helping his clients, friends and family primarily in Central Austin with focus on the East and South Side of town as well as continuing his love of hair cutting. From Method he Worked at Waterstone Salon for 6 years and then Shag Salon for 4. He is currently working happily at Joel Ray Salon and enjoying his window seat at the front. Feel free to stop by anytime and say hi!

“I find that it’s important when my passion is peaking to not just sit there idly, so I go for it each time I feel that passion driving me.”